Auto-Compound with high APY!
Auto-Compounding Vaults is one of the key features and how we distribute rewards back to $JAWS holders. There are 0 deposit or withdrawal fees. When we help farms/pools auto-compound, 30% of the user's rewards are being redistributed back to $JAWS holder via Dividends and we compensate the 30% with more JAWS, and with that, they can achieve higher APY as long as the 30% in USD value that was taken and redistributed back to $JAWS holders is compensated via more JAWS in USD value.
We are able to ensure a higher APY than other vaults/pools/farms out there because we set it such that the JAWS given back to users is always higher in USD value compare to the 30% that we charge as performance fees. We do not take any of the 30% fees but instead, it is converted to WBNB and given back to JAWS holder. In essence, when you hold JAWS, you are enjoying profit sharing from 100% of what is being earned from Vaults.
JAWS Tokenomics for Vault
Last modified 2mo ago
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