50% Trading Fees Rebate
Get trading, start earning!
In order to attract users to trade on AutoShark, our platform gives back all trading fees generated, and more! Here's how we do it:
  1. 1.
    Upon issuing a trade, the protocol takes a 0.3% fee of your input token
  2. 2.
    We reimburse you 50% of that 0.3% with our $FINS token, to ensure you get 0.15% - 24% of the 0.15% is minted immediately and staked for you into the dividends pool so you start earning WBNB on your trading fees immediately - 76% of the 0.15% is linearly unlocked over a day (24 hours)
  3. 3.
    Our protocol distributes the 0.3% trading fees by: - 0.1% of fees go to LP holders - 0.2% of fees go towards buyback of FINS and dividends distribution (as per our tokenomics)
The above set of tokenomics ensures to reward holders of our tokens. By vesting rewards over a period of time, our protocol has time to collect trading fees to immediately push up prices of $FINS. With higher $FINS prices, less $FINS are minted through the trade mining feature. Also, the team will reduce emissions of $FINS tokens over time. This protects the value of the $FINS token in the long term while ensuring a steady appreciation of price.
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