The $JAWS Token
Understand our tokenomics and governance!
The JAWS token does not have a max supply. We currently adopt a floating rates emissions model. For every dollar earned in performance fees, we mint between (105% to 125%) of $JAWS to reward users who stake in our auto-compounding vaults.Supply is not capped at the moment. $JAWS are also emitted via our farms to incentivise users to provide liquidity for $JAWS. This is currently done at 0.5 $JAWS per block.
Whenever we collect 30% performance fees, it is all redistributed to $JAWS holders, inside of our dividends pool. Users can stake $JAWS to earn > 100% APR inside of these dividend pools!
See the link below on explanation about dividend pools!
$JAWS token
Last modified 2mo ago
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