The $FINS Token
As an AMM, AutoShark will be able to charge trading fees which will boost the Dividend pool, increasing APR, and getting more people to buy and stake our tokens. (Price gets pushed higher, lowered minting, less inflation)
We currently incentivise users to provide liquidity on our AMM by emitting 10 $FINS per block. This number will change depending on the circumstances that surround our platform.
Being an AMM brings more visibility to the AutoShark platform, as traders looking to swap their assets can utilize our platform. This will ultimately lead to increased volume on our DEX, increasing the odds of getting a Binance listing.
With the flexibility of a being a yield optimizer and an AMM, there are many more opportunities to branch to out as well!
See the link below on explanation about dividend pools!
$FINS token
Last modified 2mo ago
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