The driver behind the AutoShark ecosystem that continues to generate value!
The $FINS and $JAWS tokens
Today, the AutoShark platform is powered by 2 native tokens. $FINS and $JAWS. There's a distinct difference between the two tokens, but they work hand in hand to bring huge value to our entire ecosystem and its holders!
On top of that, AutoShark employs the clever use of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to bring additional yields to users of our platform.

Our ecosystem in a nutshell

The entire AutoShark ecosystem thrives on two main things for profits to drive growth. Our main business is in redistributing all profits we receive as dividends, for holders of our tokens, both $JAWS and $FINS. Two main revenue streams:
  1. 1.
    Trading fees (0.3% collected per trade, 2 thirds are distributed as dividends) - FINS holders
  2. 2.
    Performance fees (30% collected per vault, all distributed as dividends) - JAWS holders
Each of the above revenue streams are provided by the 2 main service that our ecosystem provides:
  1. 1.
    AMM + DEX - $FINS
  2. 2.
    Yield Optimizer - $JAWS
We thus describe how the trinity of $FINS, $JAWS and NFTs play a part in the grand scheme of things.

$FINS token

FINS is the token that powers our AMM + DEX ecosystem.
  • FINS is distributed as rewards for providers of liquidity to our platform.
  • These tokens have a utility where you can stake it in our dividends pool to earn 66% of the trading fees that the platform generates (33% to LP providers).
  • As trading volume grows, more trading fees are generated to be distributed
  • FINS are distributed at 10 tokens per block

$JAWS token

JAWS is the token that powers our yield optimiser ecosystem.
  • JAWS is distributed as rewards to farmers who stake tokens or LPs with us.
  • We can integrate with any other platform, but focus mainly on our own AMM + DEX
  • We take performance fees of 30% of the token that you earnt, but give you 31.5% of $JAWS to boost your earnings. You end up with 101.5% of earnings.
  • You can choose to sell $JAWS, but you can also use JAWS's utility of staking to earn dividends generated by the platform
  • JAWS are minted based on performance fees collected (105% of every dollar collected)

NFT tokens

NFTs play quite a core role in our ecosystem. You can use NFTs to:
  • Stake and boost your farming rewards for both JAWS and FINS
  • Earn dividends (airdrops) when you have a higher rarity NFT
  • Able to upgrade NFTs
  • Able to buy and sell in our marketplace
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