BUIDL Academy
Incentives set aside for budding BSC projects!
As the AutoShark ecosystem grows from strength to strength, the AutoShark team is thrilled to announce the launch of a BUIDL academy for BSC projects with a fund of $1 million US dollars.
This program serves to provide support for new innovative projects to continue building on the Binance Smart Chain network, while leveraging on AutoShark’s ecosystem.

🀝 Who can apply?

All projects on the BSC network are welcome to apply. However, priority will be given to projects that show clearly how your project ties in with the AutoShark ecosystem for a synergistic effect on both projects.
Projects in the BUIDL academy are expected to have primary liquidity of at least 100k on AutoShark, and show positive community acquisition and development on their platform over the course of a month. If you are an existing project and have liquidity on other platforms, we’ll assist in shifting your major liquidity pairs over to AutoShark so you can start BUIDL-ing with us!

πŸ“‹ What you can expect from AutoShark?

  • Farming pair on AutoShark with rewards in FINS tokens
  • Auto-compounding vaults with additional emissions of JAWS tokens
  • NFT boosted farms & vaults for your liquidity pairs
  • AutoShark NFTs (with a resale value of at least $300 USD each) to be airdropped to your project
  • Ocean pools for token distribution to over 6,000 unique wallet addresses
  • Marketing promotion across our social media channels with an audience of over 20k
  • Projects can expect marketing boosts and priority integrations with all ecosystem partners
  • Trading competitions to help you boost trading volume for more visibility
  • Technical advice from our team
  • Exposure to our community of over 11,000 strong!
  • $10,000 β€” $30,000 funding for project development
  • Priority queue and preferential pricing through our preferred audit partner β€” WatchPug

πŸ’‘ What are you waiting for?

If you are interested in swimming with the sharks, why not drop us a message via our integration form and have a little chat with us? And as always, invest safe and hodl!

πŸ‘· BUIDL Participants

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