Audit and Security

We understand the importance of security and we are transparent in what we do

We will be constantly going for audits after every deployment to ensure that our smart contracts are safe from malicious attacks. We build out new features at a quick pace and will be scaling up the platform so that we can bring in more users and provide more functionality for JAWS holders.

⏳ Techrate (completed) - for our v1.0 ⏳ WatchPug (completed) - for our v2.0 ⏳ CertiK (soon) ⏳ Haechi (soon) What we have done since v1.0?

1) Re-forked newer and battle-tested code from PancakeBunny

2) Applied the necessary patches to prevent the recent bout of yield optimizer exploits to happen

  • Usage of Chainlink Oracle to establish the price of BNB

  • Usage of (Time-Weighted-Average-Price) TWAP oracle to establish other asset prices

  • Refactored naive balanceOf implementations (which has been a major cause of recent yield optimizer exploits)

3) Improved our test coverage to prevent issues with contract interaction (improvement to user experience for users of AutoShark)

  • Added exploit simulation tests for commonly used exploits against yield optimizers (with more of such tests to come)

4) Working with WatchPug to constantly help us audit for every new contract we have and pentest our smart contracts.

5) Working with PantherSwap to re-establish a proper economy for users of PantherSwap and AutoShark.

6) Conceptualization of the setup up of bug bounties.

Techrate Audit for AutoShark v1.0

Techrate Audit

Watchpug Audit for AutoShark v2.0

Full Audit: