AutoShark Intro
1st Hybrid AMM and Yield Optimizer
AutoShark Finance is the 1st Hybrid AMM and Yield Optimizer, offering unparalleled access to farming opportunities through the use of superior yield strategies, auto-compounding vaults, and NFT-powered farming.
The goal of AutoShark is to build the number 1 most sustainable AMM + DEX and Yield Optimizer on the Binance Smart Chain.
To do so, we seek to capture interest through our aggregation of decentralized exchange swap systems and yield optimizing strategies.

AutoShark today

AutoShark has grown from being a yield optimizer to a project that focuses on building an entire ecosystem of sustainable DEFI products to help you get the safest and best possible yields on your cryptocurrency portfolio. We welcome cryptocurrency advocates from all walks of life, and present the following features for every different profile.

As a trader

You will gain access to a decentralised trading platform that costs you zero fees to perform trades. This is done through our trade mining feature that rewards you $FINS token for performing a trade. (You get a 100% rebate on trades!)

As a yield farmer

You gain access to different products that suits your investment/risk profile. We currently have:
  1. 1.
    Yield farms for liquidity providers
  2. 2.
    Auto-compounding yield optimizer vaults for those looking for optimized gains
  3. 3.
    Dividend pools for you to earn BNB
  4. 4.
    Single stake ocean pools that rewards you tokens from 3rd party projects for exposure and diversification

As a project

We provide launchpads and grants for projects that are able to value add to $FINS and $JAWS holders of the AutoShark ecosystem.
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